6+ months must haves for baby to start drinking on their own

6+ months must haves for baby to start drinking on their own

Help your baby to start drinking on their own

Your baby will soon want to drink on its own. In the beginning, this won’t be easy. But you’ll see that your baby quickly gets the hang of it. And wait until you see the triumphant look on your baby’s face when it manages to drink on its own—it’s priceless!

When can my baby start to drink on its own?

Most babies will soon want to hold their bottle while they’re drinking, even from a very young age. This might look as if your baby wants to drink on its own. However, it’s not yet physically capable until about six months, when baby can sit up straight. Difrax has handy tools to help your baby to drink independently:

1. The easy-grip baby bottle
2. The non-spill drinking cups
3. 360 degree cup

1.  The easy-grip baby bottle

The easy-grip baby bottle has an opening in the middle, making it easy for your baby to hold their bottle without help. Learning to drink independently with the easy-grip baby bottle is good for the development of your baby’s motor skills.

2. The non-spill drinking cups

After a while, your child will be ready to drink from a drinking cup. The Difrax drinking cups with their soft spout are ideal and they are suitable from about six months.

The non-spill spout cups have a two-position, non-spill system that allows you to adjust the drinking speed yourself. Choose “slow” for thin drinks and slow drinking and choose “fast” for thick drinks and quick drinking. 

Advantages of non-spill spout cups

  • Ergonomic: thanks to the cone-shaped interior, fluid can flow toward the spout, even in a horizontal position
  • Non-spill system with two drinking positions 

  • Completely demountable, so bacteria doesn’t stand a chance

  • Developed in collaboration with speech specialists and medical specialists

  • Detachable handles 

  • Dishwasher safe

  • Ideal transition from bottle to cup

3. 360 Degree Cup

Difrax has also developed a 360 degree cup with a team of speech therapists. This cup can be used 360 degrees around. So it does not matter where the child is going to drink on the edge.

Due to the shape of the cup, the drink flows to the edge when you hold the cup horizontally. This ensures that your child does not have to bend the neck backwards. Can be used from 9 months, without handles. The slim ergonomic model makes the cup easy to hold for little hands.

Benefits of the 360 degree cup

  • Drinking at the rim of a cup supports normal muscle development in children's mouths.

  • The cup has an iconic cone shape. This means that the cup runs from narrow to wide in the inside. As a result, the liquid always flows to the edge in a horizontal position.

  • Can be completely disassembled for optimal cleaning.

  • Suitable for the dishwasher.

  • Helps transition to an open cup.

  • Also suitable for older children.

  • Includes a lid to protect against dirt when the cup is not in use. Ideal for transport!

Tip! If you have used the Difrax spout cup for this, the handle of the spout cup can also be placed on the 360 degree cup. This makes it easier for a child younger than 9+ months to hold the cup if desired.

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