Difrax Brand Story

The Difrax Story: Helping parents parent since 1967

Where is began

Difrax is a Dutch family business. Who have been developing baby products for babies and their parents for over fifty years. The story begins in 1967, when Dimphna and Frank van Eijkelenborg started a trading company in baby products from their own home in Bilthoven, the Netherlands. The very first Difrax products were cotton buds to clean babies ears. In their kitchen, Dimphna and Frank packaged the cotton buds by hand and sold them.

The brand name Difrax was a combination of Dimphna's ‘Di’, Frank's ‘Fra’ and an ‘X’ for their (then unknown) successor. Dimphna and Frank still live in the house where Difrax once started and continue to follow the company’s development with great interest.

How it grew

Since 1999, the ‘X’ has been in charge of Difrax. The ‘X’ is Vivienne, Dimphna and Frank’s daughter. She grew up within the Difrax office and warehouse at home, and after she finished her studies, she became intrigued by the possibility of developing better and, above all, more attractive baby products. Vivienne about this period: “I never understood why a good product couldn’t also be beautiful.”

Under Vivienne's supervision, and together with medical experts, Difrax has developed a series of new and highly innovative baby products. For example, the now well-known anti-colic S-bottle with a valve in the bottom, the butterfly-shaped pacifier that leaves space for the nose and grows along with your child, cups that prompt a healthy drinking position, and much more.

Besides developing better and nicer-looking products, Vivienne also has another important goal: supporting female entrepreneurship (especially after being awarded Business woman of the Year in 2016) and gender equality in general. 

Led by Vivienne, the Difrax team is currently 85% women, many of whom are mothers themselves. So, we really are experts by experience! Like no other, we know how to help you as a parent. That is why we do everything we can to make your life as a parent just that little bit easier.

A little help

Difrax products have been developed together with a group of medical experts. This group includes pediatricians, pediatric dentists, speech therapists, lactation consultants and nutritionists. This way, we not only offer a little help to parents, but we also get the help we need to produce the best possible products for you and your child.

All our products are tested according to European standards, and we maintain even stricter standards for ourselves. We also believe that it’s important to produce and run our business in a socially responsible way. 

We also pay attention to the impact that our products have on the environment by closely examining our packaging impact. We use less plastic and try to use materials that are as sustainable as possible.

We know how you feel, that’s why this is our manifesto:

Babies will baby.

Nappies will fill, bottles will spill.

Raising your perfect little one will be imperfect.

The advice everyone else remembers,

you will forget.

Nothing can prepare you for the love you’ll feel.

And you’re more prepared than you

think for the challenges.

It’s not easy, and it’s not difficult.

It’s yours.

To interpret. To reinvent. To make up.

And when it's just you and your little one.

All you really need is...

A little help.

Where to buy our bottles, pacifiers and teats? Shop online here!

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