Tips & Tricks: All about the S-Bottle

Tips & Tricks: All about the S-Bottle

 All about the S-Bottle

Award-winning and anti-colic: the Difrax S-Bottle

Bottles are an important part of the first few years of your baby’s life. Not just as a tool for feeding, but for bonding too. Unlike breastfeeding, baby bottles are a way for every parent or caretaker to enjoy the experience and intimacy of feeding. Difrax’s S-Bottle is specially designed to offer a comfortable, consistent feeding experience that’s pleasant for both you and your little one. Here’s how it works:

A Global Favourite

The S-Bottle is popular amongst kids and parents across the globe. It’s the best-selling baby bottle in the Netherlands and has won several international awards for its innovative design and unmatched functionality. Difrax is committed to helping make parents’ lives easier and young kids’ lives better by crafting baby products that don’t just work well, but that also support healthy growth and development.

Benefits of the S-Bottle

  • Reduces the risk of colic, vomiting, burping, and reflux

  • Stimulates a comfortable, natural feeding position

  • Preserves nutrients and vitamins in milk or formula

  • Easy for little hands to hold

  • Award-winning design

  • Easy to assemble and clean

  • Suitable for use from birth

Prevents Colic and stomach Cramps 

100% milk, 0% air. In the base of every S-bottle is Difrax’s proprietary anti-colic valve. This valve was designed in partnership with medical experts to ensure air can flow easily from the bottom of the bottle up to the teat without creating a vacuum or air bubbles. This reduces the risk of colic, cramping, burping, vomiting, and reflux, allows your baby to drink comfortably without needing to pause, and preserves vitamins and nutrients in your baby’s milk or formula.

S-Bottle Components

The S-Bottle truly is greater than the sum of its parts. Every component, from base to teat, works together to make this award-winning bottle more than just a tool for feeding, but a means to support your baby’s healthy growth and development. S-Bottles are completely disassemblable, making it easy to clean and inspect them and replace components in need. You can even wash S-Bottles in the dishwasher. Simply put yours in the top rack and run a cycle at 55⁰C.

The Bottle Cap

Each S-Bottle cap contains markings that help you accurately measure your preferred quantity of formula or milk.

The Teat

Difrax teats are soft, easy to accept, and nipple-shaped to resemble a mother's breast, making them the perfect substitute for breastfeeding.  They’re made from BPA-free silicone that’s pleasant for your young one to feed on and safe even for kids with latex allergies. They’re tasteless, odourless, and, of course, easy to clean.  All S-Bottles come with a standard size S bottle teat.

Please note: Difrax bottle teats come in different sizes to best suit your young one’s suction power and the type of food you use. Follow this link to find out which teat is best for you and your young one.

The Body

S-Bottles are made of strong, durable borosilicate glass. Their unique S-shape stimulates a comfortable natural feeding position for your baby and ensures they receive a constant and regular flow of nutrition. This is because the teat remains full of milk throughout each feed, even when the bottle is almost empty. With the S-Bottle, every mealtime is relaxed and enjoyable from beginning to end for both you and your baby.

Watch this video to learn about different feeding positions:

The Anti-Colic Valve

Difrax’s proprietary anti-colic valves sit in the base of each S-bottle. They enable a constant flow of air from base to teat, which prevents vacuums and air bubbles. This helps to reduce the risk of colic, vomiting, burping, and reflux and ensures a regular, comfortable feeding experience for you and your little one.

The Base

The base of every S-Bottle is completely demountable for easy, thorough cleaning and wide enough to store cubes of frozen breast milk.

There are several types and sizes of S-Bottle. Click this link to find out which one is right for your baby.

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