Difrax Silicone Pacifier Duo Pack

Difrax Silicone Pacifier Duo Pack

The Difrax Silicone Pacifier Duo Pack

This stylishly designed pacifier is even better for your baby thanks to the silky soft silicone shield. The shield and the suction part are made of the same material and made in one piece. Making the entire pacifier 100% recyclable. 

The pacifier is lightweight and therefore more easy for your child to have in the mouth.

Hygiene is important. Because the shield and the suction part are made of one piece, the pacifier is easier to clean.

To ensure that you do not lose the pacifier, there is an opening at the front, where a pacifier cord can be attached.

These pacifiers are packed per two in two trendy colour combinations and are suitable for children from 0-6 months.

All advantages at a glance:

  • elegant design, beautiful to look at
  • extra soft silicone, even nicer for your child's silky skin
  • butterfly-shaped shield, made of ultra-soft silicone. The air holes prevent skin irritations
  • small shield, so you can see your baby's smile even better
  • lightweight silicone pacifier
  • hygienic – easy to clean
  • available in size 0-6 months
  • two trendy colors in one package

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